Los Angeles, CA – After gracing the building with his presence at DX Turbo earlier in Summertime ‘17, rising Houston star Stoppa came through to bless #DXLive with some exclusive songs and even spoke on getting noticed by the one and only Madonna, via DanceOn, the company she co-founded with So You Think You Can Dance creator Nigel Lythgoe.

“I hooked up with her company and they took my single ‘What’s The Word?’ And gave it to some of the dopest dancers online from [all over the world],” Stoppa told Trent, Jake and Marcel during the weekly show. “There have been people from like Bulgaria sending in videos, people from India, people from South Africa. It’s just been going crazy. Shout out to DanceOn for that.”

Madge and her company have come to be known for their viral ability to pair songs with world class cancers and as it turns out Stoppa was one of the lucky ones and now hopes the affiliation will boost his career to even greater heights.

“What her company does. They find some of the dopest dancers online via Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, they take all the dance videos that these influencers do and they put them on Youtube so they put What’s the word on and I think the first dancer [that danced to it was] Tommy The Clown,” Stoppa remembered.

The “Weed Water Wifi” rapper said fans can expect the video to roll out around the end of August and they’re even going to try to get the boss lady herself on there. “We’re gonna hit her people and see what we can do if we can get Madonna in the video but I’m pretty sure they’re gonna say no but we’re still gonna hit her up though.”

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