Blac Chyna stars in Belly’s racy new video for “P.O.P. (Power of Pussy)” and there’s a line in the song that seems to allude to the tense situation with Rob Kardashian, who is her ex-fiancé and the father of her daughter Dream. As Belly raps, “She took you for everything/ You let her do it again,” Chyna winks at the camera.

There’s no confirmation on whether the song was inspired by Chyna and Rob’s tumultuous and extremely public relationship. Belly and Chyna haven’t said a word on social media about the lyric.

In July, Rob dragged Chyna online, claiming she cheated on him with multiple men, and essentially used him for money and fame, while leaking private nude photos of the former stripper. Chyna has since lawyered up.

Although Chyna doesn’t rap in the Director X-helmed video, she is reportedly planning on pursuing a music career in the future (god help us.)

Watch “P.O.P.” above and get ready for Belly’s forthcoming Glorious project.