Woohoo, my folks, this week is burning with the rumors. Like the gift Jay gave Beyonce for her birthday. Who cares about a 1959 Rolls Royce he bought her for about 1.3 millions?

The answer? Nobody, when I have dirt on Superhead, or lets call her by her name Karrine Steffans. I hear she moved in with Bobby Brown. She says they are friends and its not romantic. BUT she is not excluding a romantic relationship in the future.

Am I the only one disturbed by that??? When did he become an eligible man to have any kind of healthy relationship with?

In any case, it’s also said that Whitney Houston is clean now, and is getting back on track with her career. She’s said to be in the studio now, preparing her come-back.

And here comes the next one. With Method Man’s album release there has been less press about his actual album, but more so, him feuding with Wendy Williams. If you’ve been hiding under a rock, he accused her of revealing that his wife has been diagnosed with cancer. To be honest I didn’t know until I heard him accusing her of saying it in her show. I can only send my support and love, because I don’t think this is something people should joke or talk about too much, so enough said to this topic.

Remember Jaheim? The singer, who also broke this NY radio DJ’s arm, for asking him if he was gay a few years ago?

Well, lets say he got dropped by Warner Brothers, and is suppose to sign with Atlantic .

And this must be the hottest rumor out NOW so brace yourself. the actual rumor I hear that the CTE camp, feels some kind of way about a certain family who they use to be close to. With CTE, I mean of course Young Jeezy, Blood Raw, and Slick Pulla, and Kinky B. and now go and guess what family I’m talking about? I hope not, but I think war is about to break out!

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Smoooochez for my Europe connect and my favorite superstar and man in Germany Samy Deluxe and his Hamburg’s finest crew Illo, Georgee and all the others I might’ve forgotten the name off, all my love and support.