Los Angeles, CA – Few events can inspire creativity like a near-death experience. For those lucky enough to survive cataclysmic occurrences the age old saying “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” kicks in a major way. For Decatur, GA rapper Runway Richy a near fatal car accident left him with metal rods in his leg, and in fear that he may never walk again. Instead, it has him working harder than ever to elevate his career. During his recent visit to #DXLive, the artist behind the regional “Made It Happen” hit spoke on the accident that changed (and nearly took) his life.

“I really think [the accident] inspired some of my best work,” said Richy. “I’ve been rapping forever but I really started taking it serious [since] probably like 2012-2013. I already had dropped three projects. I was finna drop my fourth one China Cafeteria 2.5. Last project I got in a real serious car accident: Truck flipped five times, [I] flew out the windshield.”

He continued: “I was on the way to the studio and then turned around. I was finna go do some other shit. A car tried to swerve in my lane. I almost hit the median. I had to try to get right my truck flipped. I woke up in the hospital, my family around me. Metal rods all in my legs, screws everything so this whole year been showin’ me like, ‘Do you really want it or not?’ I had to learn how to walk again. I was in the booth.”

In addition to his own internal inspiration, the universe also conspired with the rehabilitated MC, and as fate would have it one of his fellow down south rhymer took notice of the up-and-coming spitter and contributed bars and exposure to his career.

“Somebody who I know and Gucci [Mane] know, we made a song [“Switching Sides,” premiered by HipHopDX nonetheless] and was like ‘send me that song with an open verse I might be able to get Gucci on it.’ I thought he was playing but he was like ‘No, send it.’ So I sent it with an open verse and he called me two hours later he was like ‘Check your email.’ I was on the way to a show and I opened my email and it said Runway Richy featuring Gucci Mane. I played that shit about 15 times, you feel me?”

Gucci took it one step further with an offer that called for Richy to make some major shifts in his schedule but in the end the sacrifice – as it always does – paid off.

I was at SXSW and they called me like ‘Gucci Finna go on tour we need to shoot this muthafucka in like two days. I’m like ‘Damn I’m in Austin, Texas.’ So I flew back to the A, shot the video and flew back to Austin to perform,” Richy recalled. “That shit is a blessing. To not only do a song with me but shoot the video with me. That shit’s a blessing. For them to show the kind of love they show. It took them a long time to get to where they at. I understand why legends don’t just be fuckin’ with everybody. If they fuck with you, they must see something in you.”

Runway Richy f. Gucci Mane – “Switchin Sides”

Hip hop is full of rappers trying to break in and while technology has made it easier to get your music out there for the world to hear, one thing that has not changed according to Richy is the hustle.

“It’s just hard work, don’t stop. Even when it don’t look too sunny for you, just never stop. Sometimes it don’t look like shit is working in your favor. You gotta keep going hard so when that time comes you’re ready.”

And as for his prediction of his own upcoming project China Cafeteria 2.5, Richy’s confident it will supersede any alleged competition.

“My tape gonna be harder than any XXL freshman tape that come out this year,” he stated with unflinching confidence.