Blac Youngsta has the internet simultaneously scratching its head and raging in 140 characters or less, thanks to a bizarre photo he uploaded to Instagram Monday (July 10).

The photo, which is apparently meant to pay homage to the late Tupac Shakur, shows a crucified Blac Youngsta on a wooden cross decorated with nails and (presumably fake) blood.

What in the f*ck is going on out here?? 😂😂 #blacyoungsta pays respect to #tupac

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#blacyoungsta really out here. He got a song paying respect to #tupac on the way … TuBlac Shakur Youngsta

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The Memphis, Tennessee rapper, who seems to be mimicking the crucifixion of Jesus and/or Tupac’s Makaveli cover, is also covered in fake blood.

As expected, Youngsta has been met with biblical levels of criticism due to the image.

Although the photo was liked by Kodak Black, Ca$h Out, and numerous others, one rapper in particular isn’t here for it. Recent Gucci Mane mixtape partner Ralo shared Blac Youngsta’s photo on his Instagram page, and unleashed a paragraph worth of vitriol.

“I don’t give ah fuck what you or nobody else say this shit ain’t funny or cool. Ain’t shit about this shit funny. We don’t play wit God wea I come from we God fearing people. DA fuck wrong with this clown as nigga. An Jesus wasn’t ah fat fuck!!! I can call you ah bitch over ah billion times right now for this picture fuck Boi as nigga. We ock shit pop shit. You ah bitch an anybody that support this shit ah bitch Ole hoe as nigga. An I’m ready for any smoke bitch boi tag that hoe as nigga,” Ralo wrote in his caption.

Blac Youngsta expressed confusion at the criticism on Instagram, pointing out that both Nas and Tupac have photos of themselves being crucified.

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