Ugly God has announced he’s dropping The Booty Tape in June, just in time for sundress (/romper) season.

The Houston, Texas rapper apologized to fans on Twitter for the project not being out yet. He’s been too busy having fun with somebody’s daughter. The tape reportedly includes features from XXXTENTACION, $ki Mask The Slump God and Lil Yachty.

Ugly God came to the defense of his featured friend Lil Boat when HipHopDX asked him how he felt about the term “mumble rap.” His answer? It’s disrespectful.

“I like using Lil Yachty as an example,” he said. “That’s a homie of mine. They’ll talk so much stuff about his music and then he’ll drop more music. And they’ll talk shit about that. What doesn’t make sense to me — if you feel like he’s trash, why the fuck would you listen to something else he dropped? If you hate it, you wouldn’t even pay any mind or even pay attention to him?”

With features like that and the fact that his breakout track “Water” has been streamed over 84 million times, we can only imagine what The Booty Tape has to offer.

Check out The Booty Tape cover art and track list below.

Ugly God Booty Tape

1. “Welcome to the Booty Tape” (prod. by Ugly God)
2. “Fuck Ugly God” (Ugly God Diss) [prod. by PARISVVS]
3. “Booty Gang Captain” (prod. by Ugly God)
4. “Back to the Basics” (prod. by Ugly God)
5. “I’m a Nasty Hoe” (prod. by Ugly God)
6. “Bitch!” (prod. by Ugly God)
7. “I’m Tryna Fuck” (prod. by Ugly God)
8. “Undertaker” f. Lil Yachty (prod. by Ugly God)
9. “Stop Smoking Black & Milds” (prod. by Ugly God)
10. “No Lies” (prod. by Nikko Bunkin)
11. “LDC (Little Dick Clique)” [prod. by Ugly God]
12. “Like a Maverick” (prod. by HM Surf)
13. “GETOFFMYDICK” f. Ski Mask The Slump God & XXXTENTACION (prod. by PARISVVS)
14. “Water” (prod. by Ugly God)