If you were lucky enough to somehow spend a day away from social media yesterday, then you’ve missed the most meme-worthy fashion craze to drop in a while.

We’re talking about male rompers/bro rompers/brompers/RompHims. Basically, one of those one-piece, shirt-and-shorts, playsuit combos — but for guys.

The idea appeared to originate on a Kickstarter page started by ACED Design, who claimed to be “revolutionizing men’s fashion.” The RompHims also boast a zipper fly, which negates the biggest complaint that women tend to have about their own rompers — referred to by ACED Design as “the getting fully undressed to go pee thing.”

The campaign has surpassed its $10,000 goal, and, as of Wednesday morning, had already reached $132,000. Yes, you read that right.


Of course, as with all things, Twitter went in on this new idea… But besides actually making fun of it, a lot of Hip Hop fans made the same observation about one particular artist/Calvin Klein womenswear model from the genre.

Will we see Thugger wearing one of these? History suggests he’s among those who’ve already pre-ordered … But maybe this time he’ll surprise us by not wearing one.