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Like Erykah Badu said at the beginning of “Tyrone” on her platinum-selling Live album, “Now keep in mind I’m an artist and I’m sensitive about my shit.”

Someone who understands that completely is Wale who recently blasted The Needle Drop host Anthony Fantano over comments made about several tracks from the MMG rapper’s latest LP, Shine.

Of course, Wale had some issues with Fantano’s Caribbean characterization considering his well-known Nigerian heritage.

Fantano wasn’t buying it, saying this in a Twitter video.

“On this song, you featured and credited Diplo by way of Major Lazer, a trio known for fusing Western pop music and house music with Caribbean music, with dancehall, with reggae,” said Fantano. “And that vibe comes through on this track, and I’m not sure why you’re not hearing that.”

Of course, Wale used this as an example of the media criticizing music they don’t understand.

This isn’t the first time Fantano has faced this accusation as anyone who recently watched his review of Kendrick Lamar’s Damn. would know.

Some time later, Vince Staples, who recently called rap beef “corny,” hopped into the Wale conversation and offered a way to squash the issue between the two.

Eventually, Fantano dodged the fade before Wale and Staples started to clown around about it.

Though released last week, Shine has yet to be given an official Metacritic score, but the reviews for the project seem to be mixed.

HotNewHipHop gave the project a 65 percent while Complex called Shine a “new dad rap classic.” Look out for DX’s Shine review soon.