Seminole, FL - 

The show must go on…

Machine Gun Kelly proved he’s made of pretty tough stuff this weekend when he finished a show in Seminole, South Florida, despite being briefly forced offstage with severe chest pains.

Video from the concert shows the 27-year-old rapper grabbing at his chest repeatedly while performing. Eventually, during his hit “Bad Things,” MGK stepped off the stage to recover.

MGK later posted a clip of himself backstage after reports of his issues went public.

“[F]or those who saw the TMZ post, here is what happened last night: i took some serious damage to my chest plate/ribs this week and during our 6th song last night I collapsed backstage and thought i was having a heart attack. what they didn’t report, was that i went back out and finished that show cuz we’re fuckin champions and it was my 27th birthday and nothing can take me away from the stage. ?????? #AlphaOmega #EST #XX #YoungGunner”

According to TMZ, representatives for the rapper assured fans that the rapper wasn’t suffering from any cardiac issues. MGK has been filming some of his own stunts for the upcoming movie Captive State, and recently tweeted: “Still on set. Got punched in the chest 65 times. Pretty sure I can’t breathe. Ready for this one to wrap.”

So… that might have something to do with it.

After he was seen to on site by the paramedics, MGK returned to the stage and finished the show, albeit not without the homeopathic care offered by one particularly generous fan.