Will Smith isn’t going to sit back while his hometown suffers in record breaking violence. The rapper/actor recently went out and marched against the increased violence in Philladelphia.


According to The Washington Post, killings in the city have reached 380 people in 2005. That number is expected to rise in 2006.


“We’re going to take this walk, hopefully draw a little attention to the problem and get some solutions,” he told the newspaper about his involvement at a West Philly march this weekend.


Efforts have apparently helped the cause. The government has given the city $7.5 million for the police department in hopes to control the increased gun violence in the city.


According to the Irish Examiner, Jada Pinkett-Smith was drawn to the cause after seeing a lack of values in our country.


“It’s pretty bad everywhere. I think we’re in a worse situation now than I can think of ever. Just the amount of injustice that we’re doing to one another. It’s such a complicated issue,” said Pinkett-Smith.

“It’s an epidemic. If you look at our homes, it’s clear why. We need a new reality. The idea that we’re supposed to sit back and wait for somebody to do something for us, that’s not going to happen,” she claimed to the Examiner this weekend.