Toronto, Canada – The time has come, yet again, for King Of The Dot’s annual two-day mystery battle rap event — Blackout 7. Every year, Canada’s foremost battling league hosts an event featuring competitors from around the scene with one catch — nobody in the audience knows any of the matchups.

The two main events, however, have been revealed, so let’s break them down first.

Title Match: Rone vs Head ICE

Rone seized the KOTD chain from WRC legend Illmaculate in early 2016 before defending it comfortably enough in his first battle as champ against Caustic. With Head ICE, Rone is coming up against a level of street cred he hasn’t reckoned with too often in his career. While the Philly rapper usually does his best to undermine his opponents, Head ICE’s legendary status should make that more of a challenge.

The Harlem Wolf has claimed many scalps since joining the KOTD roster — putting in top tier performances against the likes of Pat Stay, Bigg K and Serius Jones. Head ICE has gone toe-to-toe with some of the biggest names in the game. He’ll come into this battle without any fear of the champ, but will it be enough for him to seize the title?

Main Event #2: Charron vs. Aye Verb

The Day 1 main event pits long-time KOTD fixture Charron, who recently got picked up by MTV2’s Wild ‘N Out, taking on St. Louis legend Aye Verb, who will be making his first appearance in Toronto.

Dizaster vs ???

Between his legendary Drake-hosted battle with DNA and the infamous Canibus meltdown, Dizaster has given KOTD many of its historic moments (as well as some of its most controversial). Battle fans everywhere will hope the West Coast tornado will provide another classic performance at Blackout 7.

The league hasn’t announced Diz’s opponent, but they have dropped some clues: it’s not someone already announced for the event, and it’s not a rematch. As much as we hate to speculate, we know that Diz is a heavyweight who likes to battle heavyweights — it’s hard to see him getting in the ring for anything but a major name, but if it was a crowd favorite or an super elite MC (some fans are guessing Hollow Da Don or Murda Mook) then it’s unlikely the league would miss the chance to promote it ahead of time.

Who Else Is On The Card?

The Blackout 7 card has brought together experienced vets from all corners of North America, from Detroit’s Marv Won and Quest Mcody, to Oakland’s Pass, Atlanta’s Ness Lee and Harlem’s Swave Sevah. Given the comedy value of rappers like Carter Deems and Chedda Cheese, there are plenty of interesting style-clashes we could see go down at this event.

Whatever Daylyt does at the event is likely to generate some headlines too.

The card also highlights hunger over status, providing a platform to some relatively unknown up-and-coming talent like Loso, A. Ward, Jimz, Esem and Jeffrey.

How To Watch

If you’re anywhere near Toronto, you can still pick up tickets for Friday, Saturday or a weekend pass. The event starts tonight at 8 p.m. at the Capitol Event Theater and tickets can be purchased here. If you’re anywhere else in the world, you can still catch the event live through a PPV stream that is available for purchase here.

For live updates, go to or check on Twitter and Instagram.