Los Angeles, CA – A few weekends back, an episode of HBO’s ultra popular female-driven series Girls (which is in its final season) featured Lena Dunham’s character Hannah Horvath dancing awkwardly to Tinashe’s hit single “All Hands On Deck.”

So am gonna have a major rant about my all-time FAVOURITE TV show called Girls (think poor man's Sex & the City ?) and it's only got 3 episodes left and I'm pissed about the fact they aren't gonna continue it !!! So many funny moments with Hannah @lenadunham who has NO shame whatsoever and that's why I love the show….she kind of made NOT being a perfectly groomed supermodel very cool again with her quirky style….please please don't goooooo Lena !!! I love you you're hilarious and my idol in so many ways. I share the same sense of humour as this chick and I am gonna miss her !!! Why do they always cancel or discontinue the best shows ?!? Argh ! Watch this – so funny when her mom comes in ?#girlshboseries #lenadunham #girlstvshow #pleasedontgo #needmyfix #hbo #hilarious

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Catching up with the Aquarius singer at Zedd’s WELCOME! At STAPLES Center fundraising concert benefitting the American Civil Liberties Union Monday night (April 3), she shared her thoughts about the moment.

“I loved it! Lena, I love her,” Tinashe told DX while on the red carpet. “It was super cool to see that support and have people dancing to my songs on TV. I’m like ‘Yes! Love it.’”

Back in 2015, Lena Dunham actually tweeted to her followers: “To whomever can teach me the dance from Tinashe’s All Hands On Deck video: your reward awaits you in heaven.”

This was recognized by Tinashe, who extended a helping hand to Dunham and anyone who wanted to learn the dance on the MTV Movie Awards blue carpet.

Now, the Lexington, Kentucky native is working on a new project and recently dropped a new single titled “Flame.”

See Tinashe’s video for “All Hands On Deck” below.