Houston, TX – Atlanta is riding high right now.

Hometown heroes Migos have the top song and album in the country, Donald Glover won two Golden Globes for his series named after the city, and the Atlanta Falcons just won the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots in a nail-biting finish.

Yeah, so, scratch all that.

The New England Patriots won the game in what’s being called the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, invalidating thousands of freshly-made-but-now-obsolete memes (and at least one DX article intro…) in the process.

Tom Brady led the Patriots to their fifth Super Bowl victory in franchise history, and stunned many in the Hip Hop world, who could really only shake their heads in awe.

Niggas stressed in ATLANTA right now cancel the strip club. Lol

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Still can't be mad Fareal….. #RISEUP

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So we lost sore loser face ass

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The Falcons were in control for much of the game, going up 21-0 with three touchdowns in the second quarter, with the Pats squeezing in a field goal just before halftime to make it 21-3.

Georgia Power #atlantaunited

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As the Patriots regrouped in the locker room, Lady Gaga put on a high energy set for the halftime show, with no features.

Gaga got positive reviews for her high-flying wirework and medley of hits that called for unity through her choice of songs (including “God Bless America,” “This Land Is Your Land” and “Born This Way,” among others).

Many were hoping for an appearing from Migos, but this was the closest we got.

In the second half, the Pats chipped away at the lead, mounting a historic comeback by scoring 19 points in the fourth quarter to tie the game at 28.

The game went into overtime (a first in Super Bowl history), with the Pats winning the coin toss and ultimately scoring the winning touchdown.

Oh well, at least Atlanta still has Migos and Donald Glover…