Atlanta authorities were surprised to find the studio of Making Big
Moves Records
the perfect setting for a raid as they discovered $162,000 in
cash, 11 pounds of marijuana and two handguns. After police officers were
seen on surveillance cameras several individuals inside began to flush evidence
away. Before they could complete the task, police stormed the studio

“They were in the bathroom and they were trying to flush a lot of the
drugs down the toilet, they just had too much and couldn’t flush it all
Officer Richard Light told WSBTV
Channel 2 Action News in Atlanta.

Rapper Maurice “Parlae” Gleaton of Dem
Franchize Boyz
were those charged. Although Parlae was
arrested along with several others, they will all face gun and drug charges. A
spokesperson for the group said that “[Gleaton] committed no crime and
will be exonerated.”

“Based on what we know, the facts will show that Parlae
will be exonerated on any charges in this matter,
a spokesperson for the group, told the Associated Press.
Police had received several tips from neighborhood watchdogs that drugs were
being sold from the studio.

The CEO of Making Big Moves Records, Anthony Blalock, was also
arrested in the sting. All eight are expected to stand before a judge
Thursday, June 15.