Roscoe’s on a mission. The Cali native has a new album on the way, and he spoke with DX about the movement that he’s part of, the new album and how positive he’s become.

When one thinks of Cali rap, the thought of Dr. Dre always comes to mind. Roscoe and other young Cali representatives hope to gain the same or similar recognition for their work out of the West.

”I see myself as just holdin it down for the West Coast. It’s a new generation, new niggas, new MC’s…This is a West Coast movement. It’s all about the West Coast movement, it’s all Cali. Everything is Cali, Cali is everything. We supersede expectations every time we do something new,” he explained.

With his new album, he’s hoping to show off more of what he calls a new version of Roscoe.

”This is my grown up album. This album shows my elevation in the game. It has a view and a good feel. You can see where I am comin from and you get a good look as to where I am headin with it. Of course, it’s got some heaters on it that you could ride to. We also add that summertime vibe that everybody knows I have. So, go to the store, pick it up and support what we do out here with this music”, he said of his new album I Luv Cali.

Part of the new Roscoe also consists of positive energy. As he explained to us, he understands he has an influence over the youth.

”Changin negativity. Changin stereotypes. Lettin niggas know, stop gang bangin. Mind your business. Keep streets separate from music. It’s the same thing niggas in the South, Atlanta and NY are doin,” he claimed.

Expect guest spots from Blaqthoven, Young Mel, Premo and Goldie,  among others.