Los Angeles, CA – As one of Tupac and Big Syke’s most frequent producers and collaborators, West Coast legend DJ King Assassin got to know both Thuglife members better than most both personally and professionally. With Big Syke’s passing last week at the age of 48, Assassin decided to give fans of both Syke and Makaveli the ultimate holiday gift: a new version of Thug Life’s 1994 hit “How Long Will They Mourn Me?”

The kicker? This one contains a never-before-released verse from 2Pac!

“One of my favorite moments was working with him personally in the studio and I have unreleased Big Syke right now [that will come out soon],” he exclusively tells HipHopDX.

“But today I wanted to release a special track. It’s a version of “How Long Will They Mourn Me” featuring Big Syke. It has me, Big Syke, Macadoshis on it. it’s produced by Warren G. What’s different on this one is that the verse from Tupac is totally different. Nobody’s heard this verse at all. No one,” King Assassin reveals to HipHopDX. “The song sounds different cause it’s a different mix. I always had it in the cut. I never planned on releasing it but I think now that him and Pac are gone people would want to hear anything from them,” he added.

Assassin has other unreleased songs from Big Syke and revealed another one he plans on releasing in the near future. “I have another unreleased song that nobody has heard called “Thuglife Outlaw” with Syke, Turf Talk, me, Mac Mall, Morpheme [Shakur] and Kyle Rifkin on the hook.”

The appropriately titled “How Long Will They Mourn Me?” premieres exclusively on HipHopDX down below. Check back in shortly for more of DJ King Assassin, Money B, Mike Mosely and CPO Boss Hogg on their favorite memories of 2Pac and the late Big Syke.