Jay-Z and Beyonce seemed to be the perfect couple. After months of secrecy, the two were seen on various beaches. A few gossip magazines ran the photos and soon, it was no secret that the two were romantically involved. It’s been going strong for a long time and reports indicate that there may be some trouble in their relationship.

According to various sources including The Bosh, Rhianna who is one of Jay’s artists on Def Jam may have something to do with this. Reports cite various instances in which Rhianna has interviened in Beyonce and Jay’s alone time.

Currently, Rihanna is gaining a buzz due to her newest hit single S.O.S which has been thriving on the Pop charts. Many have noted Jay as the man who discovered Rihanna.



In related news, Jay may be a step further from that come-back album fans have been anticipating. When the playoffs started it was rumored that Jay-Z would record his next album if the New Jersey Nets won the championship. That’s out of the question now as the Nets have been defeated by Shaquille O’neil and the Miami Heat.