Netflix has managed to corner the streaming video market with a strong slate of original programming over the past couple of years, but the network’s alignment with the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been especially fruitful. According to industry insiders, this fall’s Luke Cage was one of Netflix’s biggest hit series of the year.

In a report from Observer, the publication noted that multimedia data collection company Symphony Advanced Media released a newsletter this week saying that Marvel’s Luke Cage was one of Netflix’s top streaming shows.

While Netflix doesn’t unveil official viewer numbers to the public, Symphony’s estimation placed the Hip-Hop focused series ahead of the dark and brooding second season of Daredevil. If this is all to be believed, Harlem’s hooded hero will likely make a return to the small screen as there is already a third season for Daredevil in the works.

Symphony said that Luke Cage had a stronger opening week than Making A Murderer and Netflix’s ode to 80s sci-fi and horror films, Stranger Things — although both of those shows surged after the hype machine caught up with them. Observer also reports that Orange Is The New Black and Fuller House led the Netflix ratings pack in 2016. Symphony gets its data by paying subscribers to grant them access to their mobile phone’s microphones and captures TV sounds, which is how it tabulates its ratings system.

Essentially speaking, out of the slate of Marvel shows, Luke Cage has performed better than both seasons of Daredevil and the cerebral Jessica Jones series. Marvel’s Iron Fist series makes its debut next March.