Los Angeles, CA – Eric Narciandi’s Crazy Hood Productions prepares for the release of its fourth documentary, Coming Home: Vietnam, which will premiere at the LA Film School on Tuesday, November 15. The Coming Home series has previously highlighted Hip Hop on the ground in Haiti, Peru, and Cuba. Narciandi’s (also known as DJ EFN) father fought in the Vietnam War, so this latest journey served as something of a pilgrimage.

“Part of it was going to where my father was based and fought during the Vietnam War,” DJ EFN tells HipHopDX. “And being that my father was a veteran, like a lot of families, it had a huge impact on my life. So I was always obsessed with Vietnam. I loved all the war movies. I myself was about to join the military and all that stuff. I always wanted to go to Vietnam. I never thought I would go.”

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According to Narciandi, finding emcees in Vietnam was more difficult than finding DJs, graffiti artists, or b-boys.

“My preconceived notion of Vietnam was that, as in Asia, there’s a lot of b-boying, which is the first thing we encountered when we went to Vietnam. The people can vibe off of the beat of it without being able to vibe off of the lyrical content. That’s why I think that’s the first thing to develop. The same thing with djing. The same thing with graffiti in a lot of places, which we found a big aspect in Vietnam. There weren’t that many rappers yet, but you can see that it’s something that’s new to them and they’re building their own little industry. We interviewed one of the prominent rappers in the country. Her name is Suboi. It just seems like out of all the elements of the culture, the rapping element might be the one that takes the longest to take off.”

While Vietnam is the fourth country featured in Coming Home, the series is not intended to document the complete history of Hip Hop culture within each nation. Rather, it’s a focused journey on EFN’s travels and the Hip Hop he encounters.    

“My belief is we’re going to find Hip Hop everywhere,” says EFN. “I’m 100% confident that there is some form of Hip Hop in every single country in the world.”

A screening of Coming Home: Vietnam will take place in Los Angeles, CA at the LA Film School on Tuesday, November 15. RSVP available. The documentary is also coming soon to REVOLT.