Hot 97 and its owner, Emmis Communications, is celebrating a small victory. New York State Surpeme Court Judge Bernard Fried issued a temporary restraining order against the station’s landlord.

Emmis requested the restraining order after the station’s landlord, The New York City District Council of Carpenters, had imposed a list of restrictions against the station’s non on-air guests following the April 26 shooting of Brooklyn-rapper, Gravy. The restrictions also extended to Hot 97’sKISS FM and CD 101.9.

Under the new ruling, the building owners must lift the restrictions. Judge Fried also granted the station’s request beef up security and have NYPD on hand in certain situations.

”We are very pleased that we received the relief we asked for from the court. We remain committed to working with the landlord to ensure a safe and secure environment for our employees, neighbors and guests, but we appreciate the court’s recognition that this goal can be accomplished without the unreasonable restrictions imposed by the union that prevented us from doing business”, Emmis said through a statement.

A preliminary junction hearing is scheduled for May 19.