Master P is on a mission to prove that Sony Music will not mess with his seed. The rap entreprenuer has announced plans to file a $500 million lawsuit against the label.

P says the label is ignoring Lil’ Romeo’s career by keeping his new single, U Can’t Shine Like Me, off radio airwaves.

The song, which is a direct response to Bow Wow’s single, Fresh Azimiz, was serviced to radio in February, but has since faltered. So far, only three U.S. radio stations have added the song to regular rotation and two of those stations are based in Louisiana.

P also believes that Sony execs are placing calls to radio stations across the country, demanding that Romeo’s single not get played.

Bow Wow is signed to Columbia Records, which falls under the Sony BMG umbrella. Calls to Sony BMG were not returned by press time according to a BET report.