Brooklyn, NY – Joey Bada$$ has scrapped the original release date for his upcoming album A.A.B.A and instead decided to hold off on releasing it until 2017.

The album was meant to drop yesterday (November 8), but Bada$$ took to his Twitter to send his fans a message and let them know the project might take longer than expected to come out.

It sounds like Joey is holding off for all the right reasons as he wrote that he’s going to keep working at the album until it’s perfect: “The new music is well worth the wait!! Today was the original release date for my upcoming album. But it’s been delayed 4 perfection.”

However, the Brooklyn rapper didn’t sound all too sure of when exactly the album would be hitting shelves, musing “I wanna say top of next year…”

Maybe he just didn’t want to share the spotlight with President Elect Donald Trump

The independent powerhouse dropped his last LP, B4. Da. $$ in January of last year.