New York City, NY – James “Jimmy Henchman” Rosemond may have dodged a bullet earlier this month when he was granted a new murder-for-hire trial, but one thing he’s yet to dodge is the savage slander of 50 Cent.

Yesterday (November 6), 50 uploaded documents which suggest that during the Czar Entertainment founder’s stint at Vance County Jail in Henderson, North Carolina, he informed authorities, via his girlfriend, of four inmates’ plans to escape from the jail.

“Here is the paper work on OG Rat Jimmy. [DJ] Vlad scared of that fool, saying 50 called you a rat. Read the paper fool. He been telling since the 90…Damn it man, got his girl helping him Rat. you can’t make this kinda shit up. SMH JIMMY, Jimmy, Jimmy LMAO GO TO SLEEP…So now you can see who Jimmy is. he been telling a long time now. If he keep talking I got some more of his shit to show you. He just been running his mouth,” 50 Cent wrote in three separate captions to photos of the documents.

50 cent jimmy henchman paperwork 1
50 cent jimmy henchman paperwork 2
50 cent jimmy henchman paperwork 3

The legitimacy of the documents posted by 50 has yet to be confirmed.

50 Cent’s reaction comes a couple days later after the longstanding turmoil between the two, including Rosemond’s plans to possibly call 50 Cent to the stand in his retrial, were detailed in the latest DX Breakdown

Despite 50 Cent’s attempts to cheese the “OG Rat,” an affidavit obtained by HipHopDX states that an unnamed inmate was previously contacted by controversial reporter, Chuck Philips in his investigation on Rosemond.

According to the affidavit, Philips and another reporter wanted the inmate to fess up to Rosemond testifying against him when the claim was not true.

“One of the things they wanted me to say is that Jimmy Rosemond testified on me during my trial. I made it very clear that he didn’t and I had no proof of this especially because Jimmy Rosemond was not my co-defendant or a part of my case. Furthermore, Jimmy Rosemond had no knowledge of the crimes I allegedly committed even though we were friends,” the affidavit reads.

The affidavit also suggests that a story published by the New York Daily News included false information about Rosemond being an informant.

“When the article came out on September 13th I notice that they said that Jimmy Rosemond testified on someone but never mentioned no names but can strongly assume because of the conversation I had with both Chuck Phillips and Allision Gendar that they were implying that Jimmy Rosemond testified on me,” the affidavit continues. “There is no way that this is true and it’s a direct lie against Jimmy Rosemond.”