Big Boi has been a long-time hustler in the business of selling Pit Bulls and now the Grammy-award winning rapper has partnered up with pet product tycoon Bobbi Panter to bring dog lovers “Big Boi & Bobbi.”

“I was fascinated by Big Boi’s love and passion for his pets and eager to learn more about this world of dogs that I didn’t know much about,” Panter says on the company website.

The custom line of doggie shampoo comes in a variety of versions for both puppies and grown dogs such as “Restore,” “Invigorate,” and “Hydrate.”

The first of many posts on the brand’s 6-month-old Instagram account describes a “Scrumptious”-smelling product.

“After @therealbigboi kept describing the way our products smell as SCRUMPTIOUS (he says it with his whole body), guess what product Bobbi and Big Boi decided to come out with!? You guessed it….SCRUMPTIOUS!! Ready this summer, it will have white truffle oil and will smell…….SCRUMPTIOUS!!” the caption reads.

The 41-year-old ATLien has co-owned two dog breeding companies, Unbelievabull Frenchies and Pitfall Kennels with his brother in Atlanta for some time now and is a registered pit bull breeder.

Check out some of the “Big Boi & Bobbi” shampoo the Outkast member is selling below.

@bigboiandbobbi #leaveyourpetsmellinglikefreshbakedcookies ? @pitfallkennels_lilbrotha #WePushinBubbles

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