Katt Williams (best known to the world as Money Mike) is ready to grab the spotlight in a different genre; music. The comedian recently inked a deal with Cam’ron’s Diplomat imprint to release a rap album.

Williams told BET that the transition was natural.

”I’m a fan and always have been since I was 10. I never was in a position to do what I wanted to do because there were other pressing matters,” he explains.

”Now I’m just able to actually perform what has, essentially, been a lifelong desire.”

The funnyman had originally planned to release an album titled It’s Pimpin’, Pimpin’, via Universal, but his publicist says those plans have officially been scrapped. E-40, Snoop Dogg, Paul Wall and Mike Jones were slated to guest on the project.

Katt also just signed on to star opposite Eddie Murphy, Cuba Gooding Jr., Eddie Griffin and Thandie Newton in Norbit. The movie is due to hit theaters this fall.

When asked about the new direction he’s taking Katt says, “We live in a society where Beyonce has more movies than Angela Bassett, so I know the fans will be ready for me.”