Dee-1 is making it cool for kids to go to college, pay back their student loans and find a fulfilling life outside of making chart-topping rap songs.

The New Orleans MC carries the momentum from his “Sallie Mae Back” single and is traveling on the Knowledge For College Tour sponsored by Sallie Mae, the very loan company that got him and so many other students through college. At each stop, Dee-1 performs and also hands out scholarships as he seeks to educate his fans on the importance of education.

“Anything you do that is as big of a time commitment and a financial investment as going to college is, you should always have a plan,” the former middle school teacher says in a promotional video. “I’ve partnered with Sallie Mae to help people develop that plan. We’re able to help one another accomplish our ultimate goal that we want to make college happen. I want to just cultivate the desire within my audience to want to go to college because if you take one step towards success by going to college and you honestly think it’s your best effort, success takes two steps towards you.”

Look for Dee-1 and Sallie Mae’s Knowledge For College Tour in a city near you.