Meek Mill is living in an absolute dream thanks to his relationship with Nicki Minaj.

His relationship with the Queens superstar was among a handful of topics discussed during a newly-released, Meek-centric episode of “Noisey Raps.” While some may have been taken aback when it was revealed that the two rappers were dating, Meek says such a relationship was always meant to be.

“I can’t be from the hood and just have a total opposite girlfriend,” Meek Mill said. “She don’t know nothing about where I come from. She don’t understand me. So, it’s somebody that’ll understand me. Somebody that hustle. Somebody that’s aggressive. These are things I like…That was somebody I seen that I admired at the time…I [get] to wake up in my bed and just look at Nicki like, ‘Man, this shit has gotta be a dream cause we used to dream all this shit and it’s just going on right now.”’



In addition to speaking on his dream-like relationship with Minaj, who he’s dated for well over a year now, Meek also touched on having to juggle between “taking rap serious” and hustling early on in his career.

“I started taking rap serious,” the rapper said. “And we started hustling. And [when] we started hustling, we started seeing some feedback. And everybody started taking to what I was doing. I came out with a song named ‘In My Bag.’ And the radio took to it…Now I’m back on the streets. I ain’t got no money, but I’m fighting a heavy-ass case right now. So, now I ain’t got no choice but to hustle now. Because if you ain’t got no lawyer, you’re history.”

Watch video of Meek Mill speaking on his relationship with Nicki Minaj below.