Hempstead, NY – As November 8 draws closer, the first presidential debate of 2016 was held tonight (September 26) at Hofstra University in New York. It featured fiery back-and-forth between the Republican candidate Donald Trump and the Democratic hopeful Hillary Clinton as they addressed issues brought up by NBC’s Lestor Holt.

With Def Jam co-founder Rick Rubin in attendance, the candidates passionately shared their thoughts on racial and gender issues, national security and the economy.

Hip Hop has been vocal about its frustration for The Donald — ranging from YG’s “FDT” to T.I. comparing the businessman’s campaign to organized crime — but a few have criticized Clinton as well. Killer Mike says he is not voting for either candidate.

The social media reactions poured in and commented one everything from the contenders’ responses to their clothing that some joked reflected the battle between Pirus and Crips.

Check out the reactions from Lush One, T.I., Chance The Rapper, Killer Mike, Chuck D, Vince Staples, YG, Thi’sl, Propaganda and Toronto’s favorite Hip Hop fan Norm below.

The guyguy Sake knows the deal lol.. She was dressed like she was tryna sign someone to Death Row in 95

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Chance the rapper debate

Lie, Cheat, Steal, Kill, Win. Watching the liars lie.

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Killer Mike debate 1

Killer Mike debate 1

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Chuck D debates

Vince Staples debate 2

Vince Staples debate 1

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Propaganda debate