Los Angeles, CA

Over the weekend, Los Angeles rapper Nipsey Hussle served as the voice of reason in the beef between The Game and Meek Mill.

In a handful of tweets sent last night (September 18) as Meek and Beanie Sigel’s diss to Game was making its rounds, Nipsey suggested that the two rap stars remedy their current situation by sitting down like men and expressing their differences.

“Hip hop need to stop gassing this ‘beef’ between @thegame and @MeekMill …. niggas gone sit down like men and express they differences…And come to and understanding,” Nipsey Hussle wrote in two separate tweets.

Nipsey later went on to shut down any possibility of an East Coast versus West Coast war resulting due to the rivalry.



“Ain’t gone be no east cost west coast war. Ain’t gone be no black men killing black men…Behind publicity or rap music or social pressure from the people…To the point we can all deal w each other as real niggas w respect,” Nipsey wrote.

In addition to Nipsey Hussle, several other rappers have come forward to offer their thoughts on The Game versus Meek Mill feud, although Nipsey seems to be the only pacifist.



Drake unsurprisingly sided with The Game, while Sean Kingston was trashed by the Los Angeles lyricist for siding with Meek Mill. In his social media assault on Kingston, Game referred to the singer as a “fat scary lying ass nigga.”

“#FACTS @SeanKingston you fat scary lying ass nigga on here playing games wit this pussy @meekmill….. Frontin’ for these people…. Niggas in yo own circle set you up, whooped yo ass in the club & took all yo shit off yo neck in front of your security & yo niggas & they watched it happened !!!!! You telling police I had sumn to do with you gettin robbed & I set you up cause Meesha punk ass told you that is some hoe shit !!!!,” The Game wrote in the caption to an Instagram photo.

The beef between Meek Mill and The Game began when Game called out Meek on his newly-released, “92 Bars” record. Meek was made aware of the diss, and from there an onslaught of jabs were made between the two on social media, and on wax.