Washington, D.C. – At 35-years-old, Nick Cannon has already accomplished more in the last decade than many people do in their entire lifetimes, but that’s apparently not enough for him.

On Sunday (August 21), Cannon posted an Instagram photo of himself standing in front of the Howard University sign with an expensive Louis Vuitton backpack, making it fairly obvious he is one of the school’s newest students.

“YOU KNOW!!!!! #HU2020 My First Day as a Freshman!!! Howard University Class of 2020,” the Wild ‘N Out funnyman captioned on the photo of himself on campus.

According to Page Six, Cannon has enrolled as a freshman at the esteemed university, where he will be studying communications and planning to graduate by 2020. Due to his busy schedule juggling various television roles, including his gig as a host of America’s Got Talent, the school is working with him to make sure he’s able to manage all of his commitments.

Despite his celebrity status, Cannon had to go through all the rigors of the application process and was given no preferential treatment.

“He is going to be on campus taking classes, obviously it’s not going to be every day,” an unnamed source told Page Six. “But he is going to be on campus as much as possible.”
Despite his celebrity status, the father of two went through the same application process as everyone else.

“No one gets special treatment, no matter who they are,” the source added.

Cannon is the second celebrity this month to reveal they’re headed back to school on the road to higher learning. Actress Ashley Judd announced last week that she’s enrolled at University of California, Berkeley to pursue a PhD in public policy.

YOU KNOW!!!!! #HU2020 My First Day as a Freshman!!! Howard University Class of 2020

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