For all of the threats and insults made between competitors inside the battle rap ring, it’s actually incredibly rare for a battle to end in violence. But whenever a punch does get thrown, it always upends the battle rap community and typically makes noise in the wider Hip Hop media. If you’re upset about that, then why did you click on that headline, you bloodthirsty maniac?

Let’s get right to it. Here’s the video.

And here’s some context.

While performing at a Don’t Flop showcase at the Nozstock arts and music festival in England in July, U.K. rapper Pedro was spitting his signature brand of mum-joke based freestyles and got heckled by someone in the crowd (identified online as a member of underground rap group Split Prophets).

“You’re shit,” the heckler shouts.

“You’re shit … and your mom looks like Paul Scholes,” Pedro responds, getting a laugh out of the crowd.

(This is what former Manchester United player Paul Scholes looks like, for the record.)

The heckler makes his way through the crowd, climbs onto the stage, and connects with two straight right hands. The clip ends seconds later, as security arrives at the scene.

Pedro seems to have bounced back from it fine. Via R/Rapbattles:

Screen Shot 2016-08-12 at 12.49.52 PM

As a veteran of the U.K. scene, Pedro has taken on many of its top names over the years, and his big personality has made him a fan favorite. A 2015 profile on him from details why.

“His appeal lies in his exceptional off-the-top ability and his bizarre undercurrent of disconnected humor and cartoon violence that almost always flattens a room. Pedro is one of the few battlers who unintentionally gets show-stopping reactions,” the publication writes.

But this isn’t the first time he’s found himself in the middle of a physical confrontation during a battle. Aside from his often accidentally brilliant freestyles (“I’ll punch his mum in her … son’s lip” being a classic), he’s well-known for being belligerent and reckless in the ring. One of his performances on King Of The Ronalds even led to a new verb in U.K. battle rap parlance: to “EMC” someone — which means to rip someone’s shirt collar.

Here’s Pedro showing why, against his opponent, EMC.


HipHopDX reached out to Pedro and a Don’t Flop rep for comment and has not heard back as of press time.