The world — or at least the part of the world that cares about Frank Ocean — is waiting.

The singer’s second studio album, titled Boys Don’t Cry, is expected to drop today (August 5), 1,487 long days after the release of his official debut, Channel Orange.

Keep in mind though, Ocean never said anything himself about the album coming out Friday. It was a New York Times report that quoted an anonymous source with knowledge of the details of the Apple Music release.

The expected date had fans eagerly watching for something at midnight East Coast time, and then again on Central time, and then again on Pacific time, and then in the morning, and then at noon, and, well, you get the idea.

Ocean’s devotees have been through this before though. A post on his site from last year includes the hashtags “#BOYSDONTCRY” and “#JULY2015.”

But hope still remains. There’s still some of August 5 left, and when he teased the “July 2016” date last month, he delivered the live stream on his website at the last possible moment to get in under the deadline.

[UPDATE: It didn’t drop.]

Check below for some of the best reactions we found of people waiting on the project, and if you’re starting to feel antsy, why not listen to the soothing soundtrack of Ocean’s carpentry sessions?