Despite hellish conditions, Gucci Mane says his time spent in a maximum security prison helped improve his life.

During an interview with The FADER, the newly-freed Gucci Mane touched on his time spent in prison, being sober for years, and rumors that he’s a clone.

According to the rapper, who just released his Everybody Looking album, he was able to quit drugs and reflect on life while serving time in prison. He says he got rid of the toxic people in his life and now demands that he be treated as a man.

“Life in prison was hell,” Gucci Mane said. “If I can do it all over again, I think that it helped me a lot. To get to the point I am now. To drive me off of the drugs. It gave me time to reflect. I made a lot of relationships that was just toxic in my life…It was a maximum security prison. And people were dying every week. It was a lot of death. A lot of violence.

“I’m a celebrity, but at the same time I feel like I’m a hell of a man. And besides being a celebrity, I’m just always gonna handle myself like a man,” he added. “It don’t take people long to see that. And that’s how people gon’ have to approach me, period…I never been fond of just letting people take advantage of me or handle me any kind of way…I think I been sophisticated. I been super smart. When I was on drugs so bad, I talked different. When I was smoking weed, damn near a pound of weed every other day, I was congested. When I was drinking lean like crazy everyday, I was out my mind. So, it ain’t even a sophisticated. It’s just a sober, more conscious Gucci. People probably ain’t used to it. It took a minute for me to get used to it.”

Following Gucci’s release from prison weeks ago, rumors about the rapper being replaced with a clone ran rampant. In regards to the far-fetched rumors, the rapper says he found them funny and somewhat complimentary.

“It’s funny to me. I guess that people ain’t used to me being healthy and taking care of myself and being happy. So, I can understand why they shocked…A clone is like perfection,” the rapper said.

Video of Gucci Mane speaking on his time in prison and sober life, can be found below.