The state of New Jersey is hitting up Mary J. Blige for $166,292.77, according to TMZ.

The 45-year-old R&B singer was hit with a new tax lien, the latest in a string of financial problems she’s had over the last few years.

In 2013, New Jersey gave her a similar lien for $901,000 for a failure to pay taxes, which she has reportedly paid off now. That same year, the IRS came after her looking for $3.4 million in back taxes.

She addressed her financial troubles in a 2015 interview with NBCBLK, saying, “It was disastrous. And a lot of it came from not paying attention; a lot of it came from just trusting the wrong people. And it was a wakeup call, it was a huge humongous wakeup call for me to say ‘Look, you don’t need any of these people around and I’m going to make sure that you see how fast they run when this happens.’ And it was just the biggest wakeup call ever.”