Toulouse, France

Freddie Gibbs has been ordered to be extradited to Austria as he continues to face rape charges.

The news comes from France24, which says that a French court in the city of Toulouse made the decision today (June 23) to send the rapper to the country where he allegedly raped a woman last year. Gibbs has maintained his innocence throughout the process.

One of the Indiana rapper’s lawyers, Michael Malka, says Gibbs is considering appealing the order and has 72 hours to make his decision. His client “has no intention of escaping justice, whether French or Austrian,” he says. Malka cites the “harsh transfer procedure” as reason for opposing extradition and says the rapper is ready to turn himself in to Austrian authorities on his own will.

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Gibbs was arrested June 2 in France before a performance for his Shadow of a Doubt Tour. He sought to fight extradition to Austria and was released on bail of approximately $56,000 last week.