Usher reportedly had less than nice things to say Atlanta photographer, Sandra Rose. At a recent Jermaine Dupri bash, the singer and Rose crossed paths.

Rose reported on her site that when she approached the singer for a photo, he pushed the camera out of the way and kept it moving.

However, he returned a few seconds later and “thrust his finger in my face—his long manicured nail lightly grazing the tip of my nose.”

Word is that Usher was not happy with Rose for posting pictures on her website. The photos were of Usher in St. Barts getting a little flirty with his married stylist, Tameka Foster.

Though the singer’s rep didn’t deny that a confrontation took place, The Daily News stated that Usher’s rep claims “the story was exaggerated. Usher simply asked the photographer not to take his photo.”

Source The Daily News