London, England – Clever rapping isn’t what entertains people anymore, the Atlanta rap star, whose hits include “Hard in the Paint” and “No Hands,” Waka Flocka Flame said in a recent interview with Acton Entertainment while in the U.K. as part of his European tour.

“People got the most excuses when they can’t get no money and when they’re not winning. These niggas over here rapping about pancakes, and they mad niggas don’t want to eat no breakfast. It’s dinner time nigga. Shut the fuck up … That shit is over with. All that clever rapping. It’s here. But that ain’t what entertains people today. It ain’t that they don’t wanna hear that shit. It’s just not what’s popping right now,” he said.

Waka didn’t specify what he considered “clever” rap, but if he’s talking about music that falls on the conscious side of the Hip Hop spectrum then he might want to look closer at the mega-success of MCs like Kendrick Lamar and Chance The Rapper.

Elswhere in the interview, Waka also revealed a timeline for the long-awaited Flockaveli 2, saying that the album should be ready by the fourth quarter of 2016.

But don’t expect it to be feature-heavy.

“People that follow my music wanna hear me, no features … They don’t wanna see me with Jay Z, Wayne, Kanye, Drake. That’s like a compilation CD. To me, if you gotta album it should be no features, just you.”

For historical context of Waka’s growth, it’s worth mentioning that the initial Flockaveli — released in 2010 – featured 20 different artists rapping

Check out the whole interview below.