Despite reports to the contrary, Post Malone is not abandoning Hip Hop.

The “White Iverson” rapper took to Instagram yesterday after XXL editor-in-chief Vanessa Satten said that the publication did not include him on its 2016 Freshman list because she was told by his team that he was moving away from Hip Hop.

Post says that he isn’t on the cover with Kodak Black, Anderson .Paak and Dave East for a much different reason.

“I didn’t want to do the cover because I was tired and didn’t want to take the 6 hour flight to NY,” he says. “From the horses mouth, no he said/she said. If you don’t like me, politely fuck off.”

The Dallas artist has performed various genres throughout his career and in a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he did an acoustic rendition of “Go Flex.”

Post explains that he is not abandoning Hip Hop, but is simply finding his own artistry.

“My love of music shouldn’t ever be questioned,” he says. “I shouldn’t be chastised for expressing myself in whichever way I see fit. That being said, I never have once said that, ‘I’m not going to make hip hop anymore.'”

He reminds his fans of his forthcoming Hip Hop album, which he says is due out in August, and his August 26th mixtape, which he released to promote the LP.

“Everyone has the right to do whatever they want to fucking do,” he continues. “I want to continue making hip hop. I want to continue writing songs on my guitar. I want to continue to work with talented artists across any genre, and continue doing the shit that I love. I am in this for the pure purpose of creating what I want, because it’s who I am.”

Satten responded to Post Malone with her own Instagram post by saying that she was only relaying information that she got from his team.

“I hear you and respect your message but we can only go off information we are given,” she says.

She continues by saying that when she was told he was moving away from Hip Hop, the publication pursued further comment from Post Malone’s manager and others close to the rapper, but could not get in contact.

“We tried very hard to get [Malone’s manager] on the phone to discuss this and be clear on where you stood with us, but he would never get on a call. We sent messages to you through other artists and industry folk that we were trying to get to you but we never heard back. What we did hear from some of those same people was that you were distancing yourself from hip-hop.”

Satten also asks the musician what options she had other than to relay the information she was told.

“If you did not like that answer, you and your team should’ve told us something different because all I did was repeat what I was told,” she says before wishing him “all the best of luck with your hip-hop album.”

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