Emcee aficionado-turned-actor Mos Def has come under fire as of late for having trouble making his court-ordered child support payments.

Mos, born Dante Smith, is undergoing divorce proceedings from his wife Maria Yepes-Smith.

The estranged couple have two daughters together.

While the New York Post reports that Smith was ordered to make monthly payments of $10,000 each month to Yepes-Smith, the article does state that Mos has actually been making the payments. The problem, however, is that the payments have been $2,000 short for the past two months, since the order went into effect January 1.

In his defense, Mos stood fast during a hearing in Brooklyn Supreme Court that he is trying his best to make the payments, but due to cash flow problems and his obligations to his three other children has made it more difficult.

Mos’ lawyer, Steven Goldfeder, insists that his client is making every attempt to meet his obligations. Mos also expressed concern that his soon to be former wife had failed to carry out her part of an agreement with Mos to home school their children.

Yepes-Smith’s lawyer, Karen Blaustein, expressed skepticism regarding Smith’s excuse.

“I’ve been seeing him in these commercials with Bruce Willis for his new movie. I’m sure he’s made enough money to support his 7- and 8-year-old daughters,” she told the Post, referring to Smith’s upcoming film, 16 Blocks

Source: New York Post