Winter Haven, FL – The members of an informal Rap trio have been arrested after being accused of murdering a 21-year-old male inside his home in Winter Haven, Florida.

According to reports by FOX13, police investigators claim that the murder took place after two of the men broke into the victim’s home in an attempt to steal cash that they needed to flash at an upcoming show in Tampa.

Joseph Edward Gomes-Brandon, Jr., 18, and 21-year-old Jonathan Olin Felix have been accused of killing Tyler Macklin on May 11.

According to investigators, the idea to target Macklin came from a third male, 20-year-old Dylan Kindred. Kindred is said to have driven the car to and from Macklin’s home while Gomes-Brandon, who goes by the name of “Waxx,” and Felix, also known as “Killa,” carried out the robbery and subsequent murder inside.

Kindred reportedly told investigators that he did suggest robbing Macklin as he would be an easy target, however, the other two assailants were only “supposed to steal cash and drugs” – not to hurt him.

When Gomes-Brandon and Felix returned to the car that Kindred was driving, they reportedly had Macklin’s wallet, $300 in cash, and a second firearm that belonged to the victim.

All three men were arrested on Saturday (May 14) and are currently being held without bond.

FOX13 reports that Kindred is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit armed robbery. However, deputies say that Kindred’s charge could be upgraded pending the outcome of the ongoing investigation.

Meanwhile, Gomes-Brandon and Felix are charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, and various other charges related to the home invasion.