Talib Kweli disappointed by the lack of action from the Universal Zulu Nation, in regards to Afrika Bambaataa.

Brooklyn rapper Talib Kweli isn’t pleased with the way in which the Zulu Nation has handled the controversy surrounding Afrika Bambaataa. The musician expressed his concern in a handful of messages sent on Twitter, yesterday (May 5).

Talib began his commentary by first applauding the Zulu Nation for what they’ve done for Hip Hop.

“I have a great love for the contributions of the Zulu Nation to Hiphop. But I’m disappointed in the way they are handling Bams accusations,” Talib Kweli wrote in a message sent on Twitter.

The rapper later gave kudos to Rosa Clemente, Kuttin Kandi, and Julie C for their work in co-authoring “Hip Hop Breaking the Silence: An Open Letter to Our Beloved Community,” a statement that calls “for an end to the silence.”

“When it comes to Bam accusations Rosa Clemente, Kuttin Kandi, Julie C had the right response,” Talib wrote.

Amid numerous, molestation allegations made against Afrika Bambaataa, the Zulu Nation released a statement defending the Hip Hop pioneer.

“The UZN Department of Community Affairs unequivocally views this most recent U.S. government sponsored media attack on both The Universal Zulu Nation in general and it’s co-founder Afrika Bambaataa in particular, as nothing more than a continuation of it’s decades long ‘HIP HOP COINTELPRO’ campaign to discredit and destroy the Universal Zulu Nation,” the statement reads.

Talib Kweli’s tweets on Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation, can be found below.

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