The Game documented himself gifting a sleeping homeless man a $100 bill onto Instagram in the name of his Robin Hood Project on Wednesday (March 6).

“They call me ‘Robin Hood,'” the Compton, California rapper captioned on his Instagram post. “Don’t ever tell me there aren’t good people out here… I will show otherwise everytime !!! @therobinhoodproject is ALIVE !!!! This world is not lost.. God don’t give up on us yet.”

Although some have questioned The Game‘s motives behind broadcasting the gesture onto social media, the act is just the latest among many that the Robin Hood Project, his foundation which aims to help people in need all over the world, often makes.

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The organizations latest act of compassion also include donating $1 million dollars towards the Flint, Michigan water crisis in January. He’s also previously donated to the Philippines after the 2013 typhoon as well as, thousands of dollars to the families of children who’ve lost their lives to senseless acts of violence, among other self-less deeds.

The Game‘s Instagram post is as follows:

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