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The Spike Lee / Chance The Rapper feud continued yesterday after the director called the Chicago rapper “a fraud.” Lee was speaking at Northwestern University and has been promoting his recent film, Chi-Raq, a satire of gang life in Chicago.

“Come on now This guy promoting this offensive unsuccessful flop of a movie … about the Southside…in fucking Evanston…” Chance says in a series of tweets, referencing the town that the college is located in. “And then get mad when students at the screening challenge him on his sexist, and RACIST movie and he wanna point the finger at me. Boy. You are a lame. But more importantly a liar. Now stop tweeking for I get to releasing audio of you begging me to be in that trash ass movie.”

Lee reportedly asked Kanye West, another Chicago rapper, to be in the film. Nick Cannon portrayed the lead role in Chi-Raq.

Check out the Spike Lee / Chance The Rapper feud below:

(This story was first published on March 8, 2016 and is as follows.)

During a talk at Northwestern University last week, Spike Lee dissed Chance The Rapper.

Chance the Rapper’s a fraud,” Lee said, according to North by NORTHWESTERN. “Straight-up fraud. He puts himself up as a speaker of the people, but that means you have to put truths that you see. That doesn’t mean you can pick and choose what you talk about.”

Chance The Rapper, whose father is the deputy chief of staff and director for Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office of public engagement, has been critical of Chi-Raq, the 2015 film that Lee directed and co-wrote. The film is “A modern day adaptation of the ancient Greek play Lysistrata by Aristophanes, set against the backdrop of gang violence in Chicago,” according to IMDB. In the film, the female characters enact a sex strike in order to try to curb violence in the city.

Chance The Rapper said during a December interview that Lee exploited Chicago for his own gain.

“He got his little $15 million from Amazon and his other little bread from Lionsgate and made a movie that was not about Chicago but manipulated and used Chicago actors and Chicago scenery to push this movie,” the rapper said at the time. “It was an oversimplification of a bigger problem. He wasn’t really focusing on the issues of Chicago, it wasn’t really about Chicago. To me, it was about this age-old conversation of Black-on-Black violence, which is to me some Bill Cosby ‘pull up your pants’ stuff. I’m just not for it.”