Spike Lee released the trailer for his forthcoming film, Chi-Raq, yesterday (November 3). The movie is a portrayal of modern gang life in Chicago and is slated to feature Samuel L. Jackson and Nick Cannon.

Several Chicago rappers took to social media to share their thoughts on the trailer, which they deem inaccurate to their lives in the city.

“SpikeLee exploited poor people,” Rhymefest writes on Twitter.

“That Chiraq trailer look like a Parody,” Lil Bibby says.

When asked for his thoughts on the trailer, Lil Reese says, “No comment.”

“That shit gotta be a prank,” Lil Durk says in a series of tweets comparing the movie to the N.W.A biopic Straight Outta Compton. “The reason straight outta Compton sold like that cause it was real …..”

Ric Wilson wrote a handful of posts on Twitter.

“I ain’t hear ‘Whole Time’ ‘Fake Decent’ ‘Goofy’ at all in the #chiraqthemovie trailor so I’m confused what city they talm bout,” he says, referencing the local slang that does not appear in the trailer.

“Tyler Perry watching these mad reviews on #Chiraqthemovies taking notes like it’s time for ‘Madea Goes To Chicago,’ Wilson writes in another post.

“Watching the #chiraqthemovie Trailor like….” the Chicago rapper posts with pictures of Drake in the “Hotline Bling” video and other memes with question marks.

Chi-Raq is scheduled to release to theaters December 4.

The Chi-Raq trailer and the tweets are below: