The highly talented and critically acclaimed Samuel L. Jackson says he will not work with rapper turned actors. He says that we will not even read a script that features a rapper in a starring role. Many will be quick to point out that he has done just that will LL Cool J in “Deep Blue See.” Which was a wretched, wretched movie by the way.

“To take people from the music world and give them the same kind of credibility and weight that you give me, Morgan Freeman, Laurence Fishburne, Forest Whitaker — that’s like an aberration to me,” Jackson told the Sacramento Bee. “It’s not my job to lend credibility to so-and-so rapper who’s just coming into the business”…”I know there’s some young actor sitting in New York or LA who’s spent half of his life learning how to act and sacrificing to learn his craft but isn’t going to get his opportunity … because of some actor who’s been created.”