TIP explains how Beyonce’s Super Bowl 50 halftime performance coincides with the Black Lives Matter movement in a recent video posted by TMZ.

People have been divided in their response to the singer’s performance of “Formation,” which featured dancers clad in black leather and berets reminiscent of the Black Panthers. The dancers also aligned in an X, a possible tribute to Malcolm X.

“I don’t think that Beyonce was being malicious in any way in her demonstration,” TIP says, “and I feel that anything that is done to demonstrate against a pure demonstration is gonna lose in the end.”

A protest of Beyonce’s performance is scheduled to be held next week outside of the NFL headquarters in New York.

TIP says that he endorses Beyonce’s performance, which reflected many of the values of the Black Lives Matter movement. The Atlanta rapper has been an active advocate for the movement and performed a spoken word piece articulating his views on the subject for the Triumph Awards.

Speaking with TMZ, he criticizes those who question Beyonce for defending the lives of the innocent in America.

“Everything that we’re doing as far as the Black Lives Matter movement, it is to speak out and fight against unnecessary, unlawful deaths of our people by people who are ‘posed to be put in a position of authority to protect and serve,” he says. “So if you are against that, then to me, that is un-American.”

Watch the video of TIP explaining how Beyonce’s Super Bowl performance coincides with the Black Lives Matter movement below: