TIP worked with Dr. Dre for a few songs on his Da’ Nic EP. He talked with Rolling Stone about teaming up with the producer.

“Dre’s the homie, to be honest with you,” the rapper formerly known as T.I. says. “I’ve never seen somebody so meticulous about music before. The only thing that I can say was a similar experience was when me and Eminem did those songs together.”

T.I. featured Eminem on the No Mercy track “That’s All She Wrote.”

“The way Em is about a verse, that’s how Dre is about production,” TIP continues. “It’s a very tedious, meticulous, nerve-wracking process. But the outcome is immeasurable. You just can’t describe the difference in the magnitude of production that goes from what we’re used to doing and what he’s used to doing.”

The Atlanta rapper also worked with Dr. Dre on his mixtape Fuck Da City Up.

Elsewhere in the interview, TIP details his work managing his Grand Hustle label, whose signees include B.o.B, Travi$ Scott and Iggy Azalea.

“It’s difficult,” he says of allowing the artists to do their own thing, “but then I remind myself that what works for me is not gonna work for everybody. I can only teach people the way I was taught. If you want to learn from me, this is how you gon’ learn. If you don’t wanna learn this way, you wanna do it your own, fine. I’ll sit back. You’ll have to call me and tell me how I can be of use. Everybody has their own way. And they have been very successful. I think there’s some things that could have been avoided had we applied just a little different strategy.”

TIP’s forthcoming album, The Dime Trap, is expected to be released before the end of this year.

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