When CyHi The Prynce was signed to Kanye West’s imprint label G.O.O.D. Music it didn’t go without the convincing of Beyonce, says the rapper in a recent Montreality interview.

The Georgia native appeared on the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy cut “So Appalled” after Ye flew him out to Hawaii while he was working on the project.

“I was supposed to write a hook and some ideas for the chorus and then it became this long ass dope ass beat as y’all have heard,” CyHi says. “I just started writing to it because I was so happy to be there and I wasn’t tired. Everybody left the studio. Ye went with his girl and everybody scattered and went to the room. So I just left a verse at the end of the song so no one could hear it and Ye himself leaves the beat running after he played it for Jay and Beyonce. He just leaves it running and my verse just abruptly comes in. They was like, ‘Who the fuck is this?’ He never heard the rap either. They heard it and was like, ‘Yo, that was the dopest shit ever,’ and she was like, ‘Yo whoever that is you need to sign him.'”

The L.I.O.N. rapper was consequently signed to the label in 2010.

Prynce also addresses ghostwriting in the rap game and breaks down why having a team of people working on an album becomes necessary when competing for Grammy-level accolades.

The G.O.O.D. Music rapper agrees initially an up and coming rapper should write his own songs but as they grow it becomes important to hire more people.

“What you have to understand about artists like Drake and Kanye is that they’ve already bodied Hip Hop,” says the 31-year old rapper. “They’ve already reached every plateau. Every BET Award, MTV Award, Grammy you can get for Hip Hop they’ve gotten it. Now, what I’ve learned is when you get to the Grammys and you’re going up against real artists like country singers. BET Awards it’s just R&B and rap. At the Grammys it’s jazz, gospel, country, pop, rap. It’s so many genres and they have 20 people working on their songs. So you’re in the studio trying to write this song by yourself but Whitney Houston in the studio or Adele in the studio with 20 people and she wins the Grammy or Sam Smith wins the Grammy because they have 30 people working on their project when you as a rapper feel like you can only work with yourself. So that’s what I think Meek didn’t understand in the cases of your Drake’s and your Kendrick’s.”

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