Kam revealed how Minister Louis Farrakhan encouraged Ice Cube and him to squash their beef in an exclusive interview with Vlad TV published today (January 14).

The Watts, Los Angeles, California rapper explains that the beef stemmed from misrepresentation from his camp and Ice Cube‘s camp.

Kam details meeting with Ice Cube at Minister Louis Farrakhan‘s home to work out their issues.

“The first meeting that we had was at the Minister’s house because we agreed to do certain things,” Kam says. “I kept my end of the bargain or agreement and at that time he didn’t.”

The “Peace Treaty” emcee described the meeting as a “squashing beef thing” because aside from himself and Cube, other people who had issues were also present.

When the two met up at Minister Farrakhan’s home, Kam had already released the diss record “Pull Ya Hoe Card,” aimed at Ice Cube which was released on Kam’s 1995 sophomore album, Made In America.

His second diss record aimed at the N.W.A member, 1997’s “Whoop Whoop,” was well on its way to being released when Minister Farrakhan offered a resolution ahead of the song dropping.

“As we made the peace, I told him,” the 45-year-old Nation of Islam member says. “And I told the minister and a few other brothers that was there, ‘Just so y’all know, I’m not dishonoring my word, there’s already a record coming out. It’s already been manufactured and scheduled to come out and it’s dissing you. It’s called “Whoop Whoop.” When you hear it, don’t think that I left this meeting and went back on my word and did some shady shit.’ The minister says, ‘Well brother, this is how we are going to resolve this. I want you when you get back to do a clean version or do a peace version and let the people know that you and Ice Cube are not beefing’ and I did that.”

The full Vlad TV interview of Kam revealing how Minister Louis Farrakhan encouraged Ice Cube and him to squash their beef is as follows: