While hip-hop is hugely popular in Japan, Japanese and/or Asian rappers haven’t quite made their mark in the western hemisphere. Jin has made a name for himself but has seen little success in the way of album sales, and the Mountain Brothers have made minor noise on the independent scene.

The Teriyaki Boyz are looking to change all of that. The Japanese group’s album Chicken or Beef is being released in the US as an import via online stores and select chains…by none other than Def Jam.

Most of the group’s rhymes are in Japanese, which may make you wonder why you’d be interested if you don’t speak the language.

The answer lies in the production line-up. The Teriyaki Boyz have been laced with beats from DJ Premier, Just Blaze, The Neptunes, DJ Shadow, Adrock, Dan The Automater, Mark Ronson, Cut Chemist and even Daft Punk.